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St Lawrence Church Of England Primary School

Celebrating each other and the journey we share


"We are the makers of History. We are made by History."  Martin Luther King Jr

Pupil voice:

We learnt about the Great Fire of London - we made jars to show the fire. Year 2

We are looking forward to being evacuees on evacuee day.  We made propaganda posters.  Year 3

In History we are learning about the Greeks.  I like finding out what they did back then.  Year 4

In History we explored the Stone Age through Stone Age Day - it was great fun! Year 5

In History we learnt how the Mayans used sacrifice and offerings.  Year 6


Curriculum Intent

The history curriculum at St Lawrence C of E Primary encourages pupils to ask questions, consider perspectives, look at evidence and think critically.  We want to inspire curiosity about the past through discussion, immersion days, related texts, and source evidence.  Our history education helps to develop knowledge and understanding about Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We help our pupils to understand the process of change, the complexities of people’s lives, the relationships between different groups and diversity in society and the challenges of their time.

Subject leader: C Roulston              Qualification: BA(Hons) PGCE