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"Geography is the subject that holds the key to our future." Michael Palin

Pupil voice:

We are learning about oceans and continents. Year 1

We learnt about Rio de Janeiro in Brazil- we learnt about their weather and where different people live. Year 2

I liked seeing where food comes from and working out food miles.  Year 3

We have been learning about temperate and tropical rainforests- they are the Earth’s lungs.  Year 5

We learnt about Mexico and how it is linked to the Mayans and their landmarks. Year 6

Curriculum Intent

Our geography curriculum at St Lawrence C of E aims to inspire a curiosity about the world, places and people that live in it and the diversity that can be celebrated. In accordance with the National Curriculum in geography learning, our pupils progressively develop their knowledge of location of globally significant places by using a range of sources including maps, diagrams, aerial photographs, and field study work.  Pupils develop a deeper understanding of human and physical environments, the formation and use of landscapes and environments. Where appropriate our geography curriculum is linked to learning in other subjects, to help pupils with their growing understanding of the world.

Subject leader: G Aylett                 Qualification: BEd